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Why does J2 happen to good people?


even this pic made me all emotional and starry-eyed, wth is happening to me, lol?Collapse )
Good night, my good sir.


I'm pretty sure there's not a bigger Fuck You sign from the universe than having Surprise JDM Emergency Surgery on a beautiful Saturday spring morning, arggg!

Flist, love me?


how was it for you

Coming out of lurkdom to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Love you all, MWAH! <333

Okay, I'm off to the airport.

New York City, here I come!

See you all in two weeks. <333

my lights are on but there's nobody home

Blah, I'm sick.

I have a runny nose, my throat is sore and swollen, and I'm coughing my lungs out.

I just really hate everything right now. /pathetic

But this NSFW gif is giving me life.Collapse )

why do you smile the smile you do

I just booked my flight to New York! \o/

And Show gets a ninth season! ♥

I highly approve of this day!

cut here

I wish that life could be just like a photograph,
One moment captured as you laugh your perfect laugh

But that's a daydream, things could never be so right,
There's so much more to think about than black and white

do you want to hear it from me

♥ Happy New Year, my lovelies! ♥

until later doesn't always come


As some of you already know, these are my feelings about Season 8 so far.

And I shall say no more.Collapse )

Anyway, HELLO LJ, it's been almost three months since my last post. /o\

I have nothing of real importance or wisdom to share with you; RL is nice (even though most of my free time is spent helping one of my BFFs with her baby girl), work is as repetitive and uneventful as ever (but given the circumstances that's actually a very good thing right now) and it feels like autumn has finally arrived (yeah, new wardrobe FTW!).

I'm also having a little surgery tomorrow – it's nothing too serious, I've had this small lipoma on the right side of my neck since forever and I finally decided to have it removed - but it will require general anesthesia and since I've never done this before I'm maybe a little worried. I just REALLY want to wake up and get shit done, ok? I mean, I have to plan my trip to New York City in March, Before Midnight has not been released yet and I still have so much more SPN related whining to do. So you know, everything working out fine tomorrow would be good.

Ok, that's it from me. See you (hopefully) in a day or two. <333